New BDSM Images – Uploaded March 7th 2020

Bound Dressed and Shot by my Maîtresse – from a series in honour of my Submissive Years
All the images here relate to my Submissive and cross dressing in lingerie BDSM period, now largely in the past. Some are from that period, others are restaged by me as performance artworks. I am Switch,that is both Submissive and Dominant. But in recent years I have become more dominant with my BDSM Sub partners.
Dressed by my Maîtresse in Nylons, Leather, Lace and Satin Ribbons
Erotic Clothes – Still Life
Dressed in PVC and Satin Ribbons and Shot by my Maîtresse
Fetish Still Life – PVC and Satin Ribbons over a Gold Latex Corset
Erotic Cloth Still Life in Silk and Satins and Skin
Erotic Cloth Still Life – Soft Leather and Man-Made Horn Buttons
Erotic Cloth Still Life – Transparent PVC over Blue Leather
Erotic Cloth Still Life – Satin Ribbons and Lace over Yellow Latex
Prepared and Shot by my Maîtresse.
Erotic Cloths Still Life
PVC Basque and Green Satin Ribbons
Cock Bondage with Ribbons and Leather Restraints Applied by the Maîtresse
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