Fuck Me

Talk dirty to me again
In those loving words we always share
Offer me your precious pussy
Your breasts
Moist with desire
Your soft flesh
Ripe and hot
Your nimble fingers and tiny toes
Your sharp red painted nails

Fuck me with your tongue
And suck me wet with your eager lips
Tie my prick and balls with red ribbons
And lick the bound shaft of my manhood
Melt my sex away

Enfold me with your labia’s fleshy lips
Imprison me within your clitoral hood
Drown me in your soft vagina
Then spit me out again
And ask for more

Fuck me with your words
Fuck me with your body
Fuck me with your soul

Fuck me

Fuck me

Fuck me

Author: Erotic English Artist

An aging slim and fit English guy who has lived a highly sexualised life and rescued himself with his erotic art and discusses sex addiction and erotic art as therapy.

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