My Sex life Defined as Movie Titles

Recently I was asked to describe my past sex life using only movie titles!

Ignoring the fact that I have calmed down enormously since I started doing my erotic art and got old and sensible, I compiled the following list!

Towering Inferno, Frank Zappa’s 10,000 Motels, No Country for Old Men, Alien, With Nail and I, Kill Bill, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Maรฎtress, Hiding in the Dark (if this was ever a movie), Last Tango in Paris (Bath actually), 2001 a Space Odesey, Climax, Les Miserables, and, of course, Terminator 2!

The final choice is because, like the silver shape shifter in that movie, I’ve walked through the flames and poured petrol on my own fire, yet somehow I continue to stagger ever onwards.

The others just speak for themselves!

No wonder I have serious issues around my sex life.


Author: Erotic English Artist

An aging slim and fit English guy who has lived a highly sexualised life and rescued himself with his erotic art and discusses sex addiction and erotic art as therapy.

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