Memoir of a Sexualised Life – What Exactly is a Sexualised life?

I was 14 and pubity was starting. Not that I was aware of that concept. But from the moment my hormones kicked in I awoke every day with a raging hard on. No wet dreams were necessary. It just happened with no knowledge or stimulus. And it still does every morning.

This was the first sign of what was to become an extremely Sexualised life!

What is a Sexualised life?

In my case it has two main aspects!

The first part consists of a ceaseless background need to obtain sex almost every waking moment of my life, which becomes urgent the moment an attractive woman is anywhere close by, or I am viewing images of beautiful woman.

This may sound like a normal sex drive, which most people master and control in order to live the rest of their lives working and raising children. But believe me, or not as the case may be, my libedo is nothing like that of most people!

Mastering it would require turning off my entire mind-body pleasure seeking system. Believe me, I’ve spent my life trying and at times succeeding in doing that. But for every period of holding the libidinous line there has been an equal period of wreckless abandon when I have bent to my ‘nature’ and sought out sexual pleasures at almost any cost. To do otherwise would have driven me insane with lust.

Even when involved in exotic BDSM affairs, sometimes more than one at the same time, I still needed to masturbate at least twice a day, a dramatic sign of my over sexualised self. As I said, it’s my misery as well as my joy! But to get the joy, which is my compulsion, I have to experience the pain of being unfaithful and telling as many lies as the main character in Breaking Bad to cover my tracks.

The second aspect is best explained as an equally urgent response to erotic cloths, specifically latex, pvc silk, lace, and satin, and to forms of bondage restraint, both on me and by me on others. I get a huge sexual boost on top of my already highly libidinous system from women wearing lingerie and killer heels, or wearing these myself, as well as placed in hoods,w gags blindfolds and various forms of binding,leather especially leather, or latex straps, or satin ribbons.

Being bound by women, or binding women in sensual erotic clothing has been an urgent necessity for me to fully enjoy sex since I discovered the BDSM movement in London in my late 20s.

Adding these two features together, vis an urgent need to have sex, basically being permanently horny, with an equally urgent need to wear and be tied, or tie and gag my submissive women partners in a variety erotic materials, to which should be added a love of cross dressing, and you have my joy and misery as an extremely higly sexualised individual!

The ramifications of this for my two marriages have been truly awful as far as sexual fidelity are concerned!

In both cases I was and am a good husband, kind, loving, pleasant, caring and sharing all the burdens of married life together.

But sexually I have been serially unfaithful to both my wives with affairs with dozens of women, in the early years as a submissive, and in more recent years as a Dom Master.

That’s all for now much more to come!

Erotic English Guy

Author: Erotic English Artist

An aging slim and fit English guy who has lived a highly sexualised life and rescued himself with his erotic art and discusses sex addiction and erotic art as therapy.

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