The Erotic English Guy’s Blog

This blog deals with the issues of living a highly active sexualised life and how a move to creating erotic artworks saved me from sex addiction by calming me down! It also opens up a new showcase for my erotic artworks outside the censorship of sites like Instagram, allowing me to post images withot the fear that my site will be taken down.

All the writings images and artworks displayed here showcase my heterosexual erotic self, as expressed through my poetry, writings, artworks and photography.

Some images and artworks will be explicit nudity with sexual organs visable, others will involve BDSM (I am a Switch but mainly dominant guy), so please dont follow me if this is offensive to you.

The blog posts appear on another link accessed from clicking the menue above. The latest blog post is located at the top, so please scroll to the bottom if you have yet to read any posts and want to follow my story of a sexualised life and the joys and problems I have experienced. You can comment if you wish, but please also be respectful in any remarks. Remember all comments and remarks are moderated by me before posting them in public.

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